Viewing Inspections – Helping you find the perfect property

A new service being rolled out across the Right Surveyors practices aims to help property purchasers find their perfect property. From Cornwall to Cumbria, we can help you find the perfect home.

Many people looking to move away from the big city can’t afford to spend an entire weekend, not to mention the travel costs, to set up in the county of their choice and view property after property.

Our surveyors are local professionals who know their property markets well. On strict instructions about preferences and requirements from you, one of our surveyors can view property on your behalf; compiling a short report for your review. That report includes over 100 photos of the property and any surrounding land, a brief overview of expensive defects and a focus on the things that matter to you; including local amenities, quality of neighbourhood, quality of fixings and fixtures and so on.

Commissioning one of our surveyors to act on your behalf in this way can save you money, as well as gaining you the opinion of a property professional. If you then choose to buy one of the properties and commission a survey, this is always taken into account in our quote.

Give the survey desk a call now on 0800 880 6024 to find out more about how we can help you move.