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Social Networking – myth and magic – #ndevon #socialmedia

social networking

Social Networking ?

There will be a meeting this Thursday at 6.00pm in The George Hotel in South Molton, North Devon where Peter Bright of System Culture Limited will be talking about Social Media in business.  This will be a really useful informal occasion to update yourselves on marketing techniques and to find out what businesses in South Molton are already doing.

…it must be the time when the myth surrounding Social Media is exposed to be the “The Emperor’s Faded Old Clothes”…

This all sounds very expensive to me, too much time wasted and a greater workload for maybe little return.

1: Social Media Means Social Networking
Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become great resources for finding new customers. But to get these networks (especially Twitter) to work to your advantage, networking is crucial. Your prospective clients search for companies with similar interests and services to their own and support them by “following” them or “liking” them. The idea is that those companies will return the favour — ultimately leading traffic to both sites, and helping each company grow.

2: Update, Update, Update
The World Wide Web is more dynamic than ever these days, which means it’s becoming more and more important that your clients are frequently updating their sites. Fresh content keeps people coming back for more. Facebook fan pages need daily new content, and interactive websites such as a blog should be updated at least 3 to 4 times a week. While this may sound aggressive, clients will benefit by recognising the importance of keeping their site content fresh — without it, people will stop visiting.

Smarter businesses outsource their web content and social media generation to companies who know how to extract the biggest impact with the least amount of words.

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There is no point in leaving your business web site with static content. Your website is not there to be admired like a still life painting or photograph, it has to be constantly changing or your visitors will get bored and all your clients will go elsewhere.


Thursday February 4th 2016. 6.00pm George Hotel.  Peter Bright (System Culture Limited ) – Social Media with South Molton Business Association – #antiques #ndevon #devon

Pannier Antiques will hold their antiques market in the historic pannier market in South Molton on the last Sunday of the month. This monthly market is proving to be the place to buy antiques in the South West.

Access to the market provides traders and visitors with facilities to drive in, unload/reload and drive out. South Molton is a market town off the A361 link road from the M5 to Bideford.

If you are a Trader and would like to reserve a stand please visit our ‘Traders’ Page‘ and read more about our offers and fill in the ‘Booking Form‘.