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Which is the top browser?

It appears that Chrome is the top browser used at the moment – where is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on both the PC and Windows 10 Mobile, replacing Internet Explorer 11 and Internet Explorer Mobile. Microsoft initially announced that Edge would support the legacy MSHTML engine for backwards compatibility but later backtracked, saying that due to “strong feedback”, Edge would use a new exclusive engine, while Internet Explorer will continue to provide the legacy engine.

Below is a graphic from which shows the latest trends in the browser wars

Top browser so far in 2016

When building a website it is important to make sure your website works in different browsers but which browser is safe for your clients to use?

There is a load of information on the web about which browser to use for safety. Below are a few bits of information we have found out for ourselves – but how safe is the information?

It is important to make sure your clients are safe. They also have a moral responsibility to make sure the websites they visit remain safe too. we should all investigate and research the points below.

  • Make sure you have a Strong Password Do you use one password to access several websites? Your unique password should contain at least eight characters, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols – for every account you have.
  • Security Updates for your Browser and Operating System  It is important to keep your computer up to date with all security updates for your operating system, protection software and your browser(s).
  • Protect Yourself Against Spyware Spyware is malware downloaded to your computer or website, without your knowledge or consent, that runs in the background and collects information about you: Make sure whatever anti-virus program you’re running on your personal computers includes spyware protection, as well.
  • Use Caution When Entering Information Online When providing personal or financial information online, be certain that you have a secure connection. The URL in the address bar should change from “http” to “https” or “shttp.” A closed padlock symbol also often indicates that the connection is secure.
  • Use Discretion When Sharing Information Use discretion when updating social media websites. Even if you limit the number of people who have access to your profile, tweets, etc., keep in mind that the information is still published online and can be copied and pasted elsewhere. If anyone asks you for personal information, make sure they are who they claim to be and that there is a legitimate reason for the request.

Does your site have a Responsive Web Design ? Check these  essential design requirements:

  • Optimised for all devices including mobile phones
  • Easy to navigate
  • Readable on all types of devices
  • Clean and accessible
  • Not being penalised by Google and other major search engines

The design you choose can make or break your business, get it wrong and your competitors will get the edge… Contact us if you need help, our Responsive Web Design experts are standing by.

Responsive Web Design

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Hi there! We’re North Devon Web Creating websites

for less than £100.00

The links between designing a world beating web page and delivering content are closer than you think. Words are the building blocks of all great websites. By selecting the best words available you stand a better chance of creating a world beater. By using the best combination of words and web optimization techniques you may end up creating a successful website. There is no need to be subversive if the content of your pages are good – you have no need to use illegal methods. Recent Clients

The day that #Bowie died, did a new #recession start?

Potential new business owners can take advantage of the opportunities created by an economic downturn or recession. You are lean and mean with a well-thought out business concept; get the right support and advice, have good business planning and a proper sourcing of finance; this is a recipe for potential business success.

You need to look deep into your crystal ball and try to predict the future, to foresee the next market shift and growth niche. We are living in a time when markets and employment conditions are tough and uncertain; maybe starting your own business is an option. During this period of economic volatility you stand a good chance of success.

angel of recession

The day that Bowie died, did a new recession start?

Possibly not but if you looked into the pages behind the headlines today there seems to be a definable shift towards a massive downturn in the worlds economy.

House price warnings are a benchmark towards a slump – the common man is feeling the pinch (yet again).

Economic downturns decrease monetary activity which means that businesses usually experience falling sales and lack of growth due to the cash flow doldrums. These economic factors combined have created employment stagnation and redundancies. The larger the business, the tighter the squeeze.

Anyway we now have a point of reference – it all went tits up again the day Bowie died.

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  • Our services include free optimisation and submission to search engines including Google for our hosted clients.
  • We can build you a Google friendly sitemap and submit it to them for £2.50.
  • We can take the strain.

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WE can guide you through the conception, birth pangs and sustainability of your web presence, we can create content for your website that can help you sell your products or services, we can optimize your site for search engines and submit them to the major players. We use a combination of automated and human processes to help you towards achieving world domination.

In economics, a recession is a business cycle contraction, a general slowdown in economic activity.During recessions, many macroeconomic indicators vary in a similar way. Production, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP), employment, investment spending, capacity utilization, household incomes, business profits, and inflation all fall, while bankruptcies and the unemployment rate rise.

Recession. (2015, December 30). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 11:45, January 11, 2016, from

Business is a network, families are a network… #network

#Networks – Society is a network, business is a network, families are a network…

Society is a network,  business is a network, families are a network…

Using established networks can be an important way to achieve growth in small, medium and large businesses. If you get it right the flood gates will open and visitors will come flooding in! Sales will increase and your profile will soar. It is important that a robust strategy is created for a network sales campaign to succeed, achieve this and you will create a formidable and powerful tool.

We are all now all very aware that the success of a website depends on a myriad of  variable factors. One  stratagem employed by Optimisers is to ‘sell the brand’  via social networking sites. One of the main distributors is Twitter – if you already have an account you will be aware that the posts placed are 99% twitter shit.

Get noticed, make your web site work for you – don’t let your web site be your master and you the slave. Make your investment of time, money and heartache pay.

Contact North Devon Web for details on how to make your business website more successful.

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We are based in North Devon, (UK) – we provide a web site updating service. We will update your site, even if we didn’t design it in the first place. There is nothing worse than a web site that contains out of date information, this gives the buying public the wrong impression. Your web presence is important, a vital link between ‘you’ and ‘them’.

Healthy Websites

WordPress Management

If you would like us to help with your WordPress website ‘tweaking’ please contact us. We specialise in fixing the stuff you cant be bothered to fix.

You can then put your feet up, take a holiday and let us do the hard work…



If you are just starting out as a blogger, you probably have less than 70 regular readers and if most of them are your family and friends – they are more than likely going to like every post you make, no matter how bad it is – this is not the basis of a good business plan….

Contact us and we will help you reach your full potential

Popular blogs don’t necessarily create an income stream

Writing blog content that gets linked to and is quoted in other blogs is one of the best ways to market your business.

If your product is crap no amount of blog popularity will bring you in an income…

Blog charts are the barometer to measure the success of your website / blog against. These charts aid search engine position placement, they add weight to your kudos and influence your page ranking in search engines. A popular blog is a successful blog and potentially a good earner.

Creating crap blog content means you think your visitors / clients deserve to read crap blog content

To write a successful blog requires the ability to reduce and intuitively create content – this is the way to write a successful blog. Creating text that flows, with apparent ease is like a painter who is confident with their medium – they make it look easy.

Blog Management

If you would like us to help with your blog / website ‘tweaking’ please contact us. We specialise in fixing the stuff you cant be bothered to fix.

All our web updating services, optimisation and services are carried out in the United Kingdom.

System Culture Limited have helped and assisted companies, individuals and organisations with their management of online and real world responsibilities, implementing strategies that have enabled them to work to a higher economic and resource potential. Troubleshooting and improving navigation and search engine issues within existing websites. Taking over the management and administration of websites for companies who require extra manpower for the short or long term.