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The music industry has been destroyed by this something for nothing culture, with albums being given away for free.

This%20WindowPeople are constantly looking for free promotions from businesses and are no longer prepared to pay a fare price for things. We have appeared to embraced the ‘something for nothing’ culture  and are consequently (probably) destroying the fundamental laws of capitalism. If you can get everything for free then how do we make money?

Something for nothing is a part of marketing, a way to trap your client into a product, a culture or a brand, to entice them or convince them to buy your related products. 

The music industry has been destroyed by this something for nothing culture, with albums being given away free. It can be argued that this has made the music industry more democratic, enabling individual musicians and artist to compete in the free download market. However, this surge for free content has diluted the industry, the purse is getting empty so artists are not getting paid a fair return for their efforts. It gets worse – websites that delivered free content (and some paid) are now disappearing as the general public now only downloaded the free stuff and not the paid tracks.  With the demise of the 7digital indiestore service shutting down on in September 2010 an avenue for the democratic production of paid for and free downloads by independent artists has closed. There are dozens of  other viable alternatives for free mp3 downloads out there but for how long?

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Other Labels We have Produced For:
Produced Tracks Appear On:
(Land Of) Hope – Remix…
Mike / Paris Zoo ’77
Paris Zoo ’77
Anna Logge (I.L.Y.)
Pain, Snout
Telephone, Bottle, Spi…
T.Heartbeat 34
Music Lesson No. 1
Music Lesson #1
Notre Dame 5 (Cass, Ltd, C90)
The Long Goodbye
Dada (Cass, C60)
Triumphant Adventure
Poultry / Chow, Test Tone

1985 We have recorded tracks for: Beggars Banquet Records: Track on Gunfire and Pianos for Finish The Story.

2007 Cherry Red Records: And Did Those Feet by The Dancing Did. Live tracks recorded by M4tr.

Review by Mick Mercer – Finish The Story – The Sampler #05

Finish The Story…… their inclusion had been settled five Finish The Story tracks. Rejoice people, rejoice! ‘Trapped In The Hometown’ has a gauzy tangle of music behind slowly drawn vocals with its memorable guitar rising alongside and revealing a weighty variety of musical avenues to pull you down; the mood empty, or brightly in your face, a thoroughly diverting, divine encounter. ‘Playing At Life’ is even better with a mean throb, and more of his sublimely catchy, nagging guitar with Nicola’s unusually piercing vocals and a weirdly spooky synth. ‘Solace’ is more relaxed, actually far more towards the This Window style, being like ambient bellows, billowing………..and there’s an intriguing little slice called ‘Ripples In The Water’ at the end too.


Who or what is M4tr? – was launched on 9th March 2001. M4tr is a small UK independent, alternative, music label that was formed in 1981.