You Have The Power by This Window released by Microsoft

You Have The Power - This Window

You Have The Power – This Window

In January 2009 ‘Cassette Culture 1989 – 2009’ was released as a commercial download. This project contained remixes of a series of demo recordings made in 2008 and a section of the live Plac.Art.X set that was streamed over the Internet to Regensburg Germany in August 2007. This release also contains a complete remixed version of ‘Extraction’ which was originally released in 1989. These remixes were by Jake Bright.

In 2009 a free download of ‘You Have The Power’ by This Window was made possible by Microsoft. There were 1,000s of other FREE songs available to download. These free downloads (m4a and mp3) were all from ReverbNation artists and made possible through the Sponsored Songs program. These songs were EXCLUSIVE to the program, which meant you would have to pay to get these downloads from anywhere else.

Below is a section from a review by Mick Mercer in his journal (November 21st, 2009). His is one of our favorite sites on the web.

“Extraction Part 1’ through to ‘Extraction Part 4’ works out as about thirty five minutes from the ‘Extraction’ album, with everything from scuzzy guitar doldrums, to foul-mouthed American opinion, displaced operatics, Industrial rumblings, orchestral fritters, world musicish musings and waverings, rhythmic sibilance. ‘Hungry Children’ is a weird disquieting flutter, then the gloriously swaggering ‘Where Is My Jesus?’ is real style because this is as good a post-punk slinky noir standout as you’ll find, which then ends up as ‘Jig-Saw Man’, a mutant punk fumble. If you like your music unpredictable but weighty this is for you.”