The end of an era – Exeter College of Art and Design

Insitutional Traits 2012

The aesthetics of failure is not total destruction; it is the enjoyment of failure. The degradation of an image is a metaphor for aging and decay – for something to be perfect requires a belief in romanticism. To expect perfection is to turn your back on realism.

To produce a image that is better than the image of the mind is to give rise to a product of catastrophe. (To achieve exactness by design and skill is to reach a point of exhaustion and famine.) It is therefore acceptable to assume that an artist that is categorized as a genius has failed more successfully than one who is mediocre.

3D studioThis gallery contains 15 photos.

These are photos of the deserted building in Earl Richards Road North in Exeter the site of the former Exeter College of Art and Design. The building belongs to The University of Plymouth (which was originally a Polytechnic) with its … Continue reading →

Institutional Traits (Series 1)

Institutional Traits 2012This gallery contains 2 photos.

Sarah Bennett installation at Exeter Collage of Art and Design, March/April 2012 Click on images for my thoughts and reactions to this exhibition. Low quality images from employee photo identity cards have been scanned at a high resolution, enlarged and … Continue reading →

Old lecture theatre and painting studio – Exeter Art College

lecture_theatre_exeter_college_of_art_march2012This gallery contains 3 photos.

The derelict painting studios in Exeter College of Art looked smaller than I remember – these were the spaces where I learnt my painting skills and the place where I was told to forget my painting skills.

Sarah Bennett used the empty lecture hall to install ‘Institutional Traits (Series 2)’ which comprised of two large printed photographs of the empty lecture theatre. … Continue reading →

Exeter Graveyard (1977)

Exeter Graveyard (1977) (Photo credit: This Window)

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