The Insanley Happy EP – Insane from Belgium

Alain Neffe is probably one of the most influential ‘cassette underground’ people around, his Belgian label Insane released many of the 1980’s heroes of the home taping and mail art scenes. Here is an opportunity to get a collectors edition of some of his projects from

Bene Gesserit – ‘A High, Happy, Perverse And Cynical Cry Of Joy…’ (Vinyl, LP) released in 1985 is one of my favorite releases from Insane and two tracks appear on this new release.

Details of release are below

‘The Insanely Happy EP’ various artists – 7″ep | 33rpm | 18:00 | 250 copies – date of release: 7 February 2011
A collection of vintage 80s tracks by various Insane groups from Belgium, compiled by Alain Neffe.
Four projects featuring Neffe himself in different disguises: Pseudo Code, Human Dance, Subject and
Bene Gesserit, and one track by M.A.L., long-time Insane collaborator.
This vinyl ep contains 6 tracks of which 4 are never released before. Both Bene Gesserit tracks are taken from their classic LP on Insane.
The first 85 copies are hand numbered and contain 2 extra photographs.
Mailorders can buy these on a 1:4 basis (every order of 4 copies will include 1 handnumbered copy,
as long as stock lasts….)
Only 200 copies of the total edition will be available from our office, so please act fast!
c/o Eriek Van Havere
Clement Heirmanstraat 10
BE-9100 Sint-Niklaas