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Piazza San Marco with the Basilica (1730) by C...

Piazza San Marco with the Basilica (1730) by Canaletto. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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These views below have been represented in paint and photographs a billion times – they are common to generations of travelers and the walls in galleries around the world groan from the weight of their presence.

Piazza San Marco (in English = St Mark’s Square) is the main public square of Venice, where it is locally simply known as “the Piazza” and is the key part of the social, religious and political center of Venice.

view_from_window_ cipriani1 view_from_window_cipriani2 view_from_window_cipriani3 view_from_window_cipriani4 view_from_window_cipriani5 The private boat from the Cipriani Hotel

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