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Our aim is to help individuals and companies to take control of their websites. We are more than happy to help with long or short term website management, to repair, rebuild or re-design any website in the UK or abroad. No project is too small for us, if you hire us for an hour or 12 months we will ensure you get our full attention and service.

Contact Us about building you a Responsive Web Design Site ASAP.

We are a company with more than 20 years of experience, we help other companies to grow and develop their projects.

Our UK Responsive Web Design service can cost as little as £100.00.

We are a professional Web Services company based in Great Britain. Creating low cost, mobile friendly websites, optimised to suit your business needs.

Contact us to fix your website ASAP 07596 533687

Web Design

We have been designing websites since 1999, with projects making the Financial Times.


We have vast experience in repairing and producing WordPress sites for business.

Website Clean

We specialise in cleaning up websites that have become messy and out of control.

Web Management

We have experience in managing and updating websites. We looked after 1500 for one UK client.

Quick Fixes

If you have an issue with a website we can fix it for you at a fixed rate, usually within 36 hours.

UK Support

All our services are based in the UK, including our client support.

Our Projects

Guitar Parts
Guitar Salvage

If you are looking for that missing part for your vintage guitar or building a Partscaster, then contact Guitar Salvage. Parts might be old (new) stock or preowned or made from a combination of new and recycled parts, either way they will be good value.

They are always looking for used spare parts and damaged electric guitars. Contact them and let them know what you have for sale.

North Devon Web
North Devon Web

North Devon Web designers based in the UK offer a Responsive Web Design service can cost as little as £100.00. Contact them about building you a Responsive Web Design site ASAP

This company has more than 20 years of experience and help companies to grow and develop their businesses.

They have extensive experience with WordPress sites and can repair or improve your websites performance.

Rat Bait Guitars
Rat Bait Guitars

Rat Bait Guitars use parts from the 1970s right up to the 2020s, mixed together to give the experience of ‘heritage’, not the fake visual illusion of ‘relic’. The aim is to produce guitars that are very playable and sound better than the average homogenised crap that is out there. They won’t be shiny and shimmering – they will look rugged, with a few battle scars but they will compliment any serious guitar collection.

Send them your broken beast or a box of spares and they will lovingly create you a new ‘Rat Bait Guitar’ from the detritus you have sent us.